Hari Keluarga 2011

16th July 2011 - Hari Keluarga 2011.
Venue: SMK Subang Utama (secondary school).

I like to call it "Hari Keluarga" instead of calling it "Family Day" or "Carnival Day".
Calling it "Family Day" or "Carnival Day" sound very weird for me.



My class' haunted house.
The Chasing Stalker.

RM 3 per HEAD?
It is not fair!
IF a person has x (x>1) heads, he/she needs to pay RM 3x.
IF a person has no head, it is free.


Glow in dark.


Table Talk. My shift was until 8am. I worked about 2 hours.

whose camera is this? Asila or Jason? Forgotten...

video games?
After I'm free from working:

Haunted House...


horse ride.

the BEST stall in the school.
Awesome Badges!
(I prefer things rather than food.)

Teck Shern's shooting Jen Ning.

Watch these 4 videos:

Muhammad Ali.

Chan Tian Hui. 
Sorry, my camera sucks at recording sounds at far range.

The best drink - COKE!!!

Badges that I bought:

13 badges!
SMKSU Record? if not, Form 5 Record?

Website Badges.
Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and MySpace.
Quite nice...
I'm very exhausted after Hari Keluarga.
I walked about 50 rounds around the school. No kidding. Damn boring.
Oh, for the voting, I only voted for Tian Hui, Siaw Fern and Muhammad Ali. (3)
I didn't see the others performing.

All 90 photos have uploaded to Facebook in a new photo album.
Friends and Spies, check it out!


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