Nice Miniclip Games

There are 3 nice games in Miniclip that I and my brother found in this month.

Slime Laboratory

something like that, a puzzle game
If you don't like fighting games, this game is a good choice for you!

The start screen not really nice, but the game is really nice.
You can upgrade your weapons, defeat boss and more...

Super Robot War

A special 3D game.

Just play it when you're free.

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Phoenix Prism In Bejeweled Blitz

On 29th June, Bejeweled Blitz just released one new gem, the Phoenix Prism.

It costs 75,000 coins but it is really useful.
My coins for that time is 9,009,100 coins. Now is about 9.2 millions.

Example of how phoenix prism appears in the game:

Quite nice right?

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