Simply Post Blog - 1000th Post

Just now, my second rank blog, The Simply Post Blog has reached the 1000th post!

The 1000th post of this blog.

Label: S.P. - 1000.

Check it out!!!
Link of the home page:
Link of the 1000th post of this blog:

Not bad.

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LOL Factory (Part 43)

LOL Factory (Part 43):

Water on the floor!
(the bonds are too long.)

Touch the wall.

Not bad.

I'm a woman. I don't know what I want,
but I can get mad, if I don't get it.
TRUE!!! Women's logic. HATE.

Be yourself and give your best.

That awesome moment when you realize that your crush's crush is you.

I put my bicycle inside my bag!

Books for tall people.

rare. ice.


Cellphones, before and now.

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LOL Factory (Part 41)

LOL Factory (Part 41):

Nothing is impossible.
EVEN the word itself says I'm-possible.



Half Bus.

The awesome moment when you found your crush looking at you and pretend that you don't see her.

That moment when you realize that Mewtwo doesn't have a tail... cause its tail don't start in the crotch area.
Childhood Ruined. WTF.

That how they made it!!!

That awesome moment after years, when you finally figure out what these numbers stand for....
Me 'Gusta'.

Some Optical Illusions....

5000 more!!!

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Useful Periodic Tables

Here are some useful periodic tables, just in case if you need it:

with the average relative atomic masses of isotopes.
(it is from the backside of the Data Booklet)

The Electronegativity of each element
(It is in the Data Booklet too)

Feel free to copy it to your computer and print it out anytime you want if you have lost it.


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The Spiral Blog

2 days ago, I created a new special blog - The Spiral Blog.

Here's the link:

It is very easy to remember the link, - The "aazx" are next to each other at the left-bottom part of the QWERTY keyboard.
Just press "a" twice, then move down your finger and press "z", then move right and press "x".
As simple as ABC.

This is the main picture of this spiral blog:

The rainbow spiral.

The aim of this blog is to make your eye and brain feel dizzy.

Here are some tricks on this blog:

  1. TRY to click anywhere on this blog, it will change to another spiral picture. All of them are animated. Of course, it is a cycle, it will go back to original position and you can click it again.
  2. Open this blog on a computer and press "F11" on your keyboard. 


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Sound Matrix - Click The Square

Create, Design, Try and Enjoy your music!

Get Adobe Flash player

Tip: Press "spacebar" to clear all.

Here are some screenshot:


The music is actually moved from the left to the right.


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