My Virtual Tank In Insaniquarium

My virtual tank in insaniquarium is getting advanced.

My fish:

see, I got football fish.

my virtual tank!
I collected many rare fish:
  • Transparent guppy, carnivore and ultravore.
  • Rainbow guppy, carnivore and ultravore.
  • 2 types of rare Aliens
  • Football fish
  • Kilgore, the purple Ultravore
  • and the others

It is not easy to find all those rare fishes! I took a long time to get it :)


You can find the full version of Insaniquarium for free at the 'Gallery' tab, 'Downloads' page. (for those who haven't download and get it.)

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Plant Vs. Zombies Dolphin Shows Up Sound

I love the Plant Vs. Zombies Dolphin Shows Up sound,

it is cute and cool!
You can listen to this sound.

This is when the dolphin rider zombie shows up:

can you see the cute dolphin.

I will put this sound at the 'Gallery' tab also, later on...

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Transparent Can Opener

Few weeks ago, I found transparent can opener in the Sunway Pyraimd.

Cool? it is

(can you see the "hidden" word above)
It is very rare to see a transparent can opener! Green colour.

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Download Bejeweled Twist Full Version For Free

Like Bejeweled Twist?

You can download the full version of Bejeweled twist for free here!



Only takes few minutes to download.

So, download now and play!

I just started to play this game only, so you still can catch up me.

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