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Rainbow Waffle

Rainbow Waffle Pictures:

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Gold Bars

Gold Bars - Nice Photos And Videos





Silver Bars, but looks like Gold Bars.

Gold Bars Collections.

Gold Bars, nice single related pictures.

Comparison between Gold Bars And Silver Bars.

A Huge Gold Bar.

A 5 grams gold bar.


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The Spiral Blog

2 days ago, I created a new special blog - The Spiral Blog.

Here's the link:

It is very easy to remember the link, - The "aazx" are next to each other at the left-bottom part of the QWERTY keyboard.
Just press "a" twice, then move down your finger and press "z", then move right and press "x".
As simple as ABC.

This is the main picture of this spiral blog:

The rainbow spiral.

The aim of this blog is to make your eye and brain feel dizzy.

Here are some tricks on this blog:

  1. TRY to click anywhere on this blog, it will change to another spiral picture. All of them are animated. Of course, it is a cycle, it will go back to original position and you can click it again.
  2. Open this blog on a computer and press "F11" on your keyboard. 


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My Virtual Tank In Insaniquarium

My virtual tank in insaniquarium is getting advanced.

My fish:

see, I got football fish.

my virtual tank!
I collected many rare fish:
  • Transparent guppy, carnivore and ultravore.
  • Rainbow guppy, carnivore and ultravore.
  • 2 types of rare Aliens
  • Football fish
  • Kilgore, the purple Ultravore
  • and the others

It is not easy to find all those rare fishes! I took a long time to get it :)


You can find the full version of Insaniquarium for free at the 'Gallery' tab, 'Downloads' page. (for those who haven't download and get it.)

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