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LOL Factory (Part 43)

LOL Factory (Part 43):

Water on the floor!
(the bonds are too long.)

Touch the wall.

Not bad.

I'm a woman. I don't know what I want,
but I can get mad, if I don't get it.
TRUE!!! Women's logic. HATE.

Be yourself and give your best.

That awesome moment when you realize that your crush's crush is you.

I put my bicycle inside my bag!

Books for tall people.

rare. ice.


Cellphones, before and now.

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My Virtual Tank In Insaniquarium

My virtual tank in insaniquarium is getting advanced.

My fish:

see, I got football fish.

my virtual tank!
I collected many rare fish:
  • Transparent guppy, carnivore and ultravore.
  • Rainbow guppy, carnivore and ultravore.
  • 2 types of rare Aliens
  • Football fish
  • Kilgore, the purple Ultravore
  • and the others

It is not easy to find all those rare fishes! I took a long time to get it :)


You can find the full version of Insaniquarium for free at the 'Gallery' tab, 'Downloads' page. (for those who haven't download and get it.)

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Ferrero Rocher

This is the example of Ferrero Rocher:

Just now I enjoyed eating this!
Whole box


inside is like that =D

Very nice, I rarely eat this kind of food.......