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DIY Gumball Machine

Making a Gumball Machine
First post on 2013. So, I was visiting some websites and got interested after I found this tutorial about making a Gumball Machine. It is so cute!

These are material you need: small terra-cotta pot and base, small round votive holder, spray paint, E6000 adhesive, small wooden balls and gumballs.

Spray it with paint. (pot and base, wooden ball)

Stick it with the strong glue as shown as the picture above.

once the glue was dried, then fill it with gumballs.

and... you are done! So cute!


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Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2012.

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LOL Factory (Part 41)

LOL Factory (Part 41):

Nothing is impossible.
EVEN the word itself says I'm-possible.



Half Bus.

The awesome moment when you found your crush looking at you and pretend that you don't see her.

That moment when you realize that Mewtwo doesn't have a tail... cause its tail don't start in the crotch area.
Childhood Ruined. WTF.

That how they made it!!!

That awesome moment after years, when you finally figure out what these numbers stand for....
Me 'Gusta'.

Some Optical Illusions....

5000 more!!!

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