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LOL Factory (Part 43)

LOL Factory (Part 43):

Water on the floor!
(the bonds are too long.)

Touch the wall.

Not bad.

I'm a woman. I don't know what I want,
but I can get mad, if I don't get it.
TRUE!!! Women's logic. HATE.

Be yourself and give your best.

That awesome moment when you realize that your crush's crush is you.

I put my bicycle inside my bag!

Books for tall people.

rare. ice.


Cellphones, before and now.

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LOL Factory (Part 41)

LOL Factory (Part 41):

Nothing is impossible.
EVEN the word itself says I'm-possible.



Half Bus.

The awesome moment when you found your crush looking at you and pretend that you don't see her.

That moment when you realize that Mewtwo doesn't have a tail... cause its tail don't start in the crotch area.
Childhood Ruined. WTF.

That how they made it!!!

That awesome moment after years, when you finally figure out what these numbers stand for....
Me 'Gusta'.

Some Optical Illusions....

5000 more!!!

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LOL Factory (Part 21)

LOL Factory (Part 21):

Admit it.
You've done one of these:
1) Walked into a room, forgot what you needed, walk out, and then remembered.
2) When you were younger, drew the sun in the corner of the paper.
3) When you were little, thought the shape of a real heart was actually "♥".
4) Closed the fridge door really slow, just to see when the lights went off.
5) Tried to balance the light (the power switch), between the ON & OFF.

Okay, I admit I have done all these above EXCEPT number 3.
[1, 2, 4, 5]

Black Cat.
Can you spot where is the black cat?

(clue: the left eye is the letter "C" on the word "Black", the right eye is the letter "C" on the word "Cat".)

LOL, a face on the top of the burger.

Use many iPhones as a card.

When Chuck Norris was young....

Cubes on the Christmas tree.

Close Enough!!!

Banned: You are banned forever.
(this is my friend's account.)


Dragon Balls!

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LOL Factory (Part 12)

LOL Factory (Part 12):

Shoe Cleaner!
(actually not, I use it as brain relaxer!)

I like it when you smile,
but I LOVE it when I"M THE REASON.

cigarette-like pencils.

Read this comic.
I'm actually having the almost the same situation as the comic above.

Stick (+) Man = Stickman!

Traffic light.

For a fair selection, everybody has to take the same exam: please climb that tree.
It is NOT fair!
The monkey WILL definitely win.
The fish will be the worst among all.

the glass is 50% air and 50% water.
So, it is FULL.

Read it and you will be pissed.

(not really accurate.)

I don't need "Anger Management" Classes, You need "Shut the Fuck Up" Classes.

Where is the "ANY" key?

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LOL Factory (Part 11)

LOL Factory (Part 11):

Please enter your PIN...

A guide to become a pirate.
(don't ever do that.)

All the types of PokeBalls in Pokemon.
I like Master Balls the most!

Which one?
I would choose Squirtle.


not bad.

Machoke used Pound!

I used to have one and I wish to solve it now, but I lost it. =(

Good Idea. LOL!

RPS 25.
Need to memorize first....

This is interesting IF you understand.

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