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Fruit Ninja Personal Record High Score

On 11th May 2012, I got a personal record high score for Fruit Ninja.

without the bonus, and the former the personal record.

with bonus, I got 2945...!

(I miss those times where I can share with pictures in Fruit Ninja)


Highest Score: 2945.


Here's the number of freeze, frenzy and double banana that I got.
I got FOUR double bananas. 

Fruit Ninja Personal Record: 2945.
The highest score I can get ever.

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Nice Relationship Quotes

Nice Relationship Quote/Saying (with pictures):

"Single" And "Relationship" are just titles. Your heart determines your true relationship status.
TRUE!!! I feel very happy whenever I read this.

I just wish you would start the conversation with me.

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Don't Judge Me Wrongly

Here are some nice photos:

Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are.

Another one:

Don't bother about people who judge you without knowing you... REMEMBER, dogs bark if they don't know the person.

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The First Time Walked Over To Metro College

On 17th April 2012, I walked over to Metro College for the first time.

In the 4 and a half months of College, that was the first time I purposely walked over to Metro!

Some photos:

In Metro on the second floor. (assume ground floor = first floor)

The Metro's library.


Some computers that you can use.

A secret place....

Go in deeper...

A secret passage!
It looked a scary at the fist impression.
When you see it, you will shitbrix.

walked down...
I was wondering what secret place is that.

It was a printer service room!
When you walk deeper inside the door, you will see a computer lab!!!
And there is a secret door that will lead you straight to the ground floor.

this is a long 'hallway' with a border at both sides which connected Inti and Metro. (a construction in the middle)

I remember I posted my experiences on Twitter during that moment.

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LOL Factory (Part 43)

LOL Factory (Part 43):

Water on the floor!
(the bonds are too long.)

Touch the wall.

Not bad.

I'm a woman. I don't know what I want,
but I can get mad, if I don't get it.
TRUE!!! Women's logic. HATE.

Be yourself and give your best.

That awesome moment when you realize that your crush's crush is you.

I put my bicycle inside my bag!

Books for tall people.

rare. ice.


Cellphones, before and now.

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LOL Factory (Part 41)

LOL Factory (Part 41):

Nothing is impossible.
EVEN the word itself says I'm-possible.



Half Bus.

The awesome moment when you found your crush looking at you and pretend that you don't see her.

That moment when you realize that Mewtwo doesn't have a tail... cause its tail don't start in the crotch area.
Childhood Ruined. WTF.

That how they made it!!!

That awesome moment after years, when you finally figure out what these numbers stand for....
Me 'Gusta'.

Some Optical Illusions....

5000 more!!!

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